MONTSERRAT, Spirituality & Nature

Montserrat, Catalonia's sacred jewel, offers a sublime fusion of nature's grandeur and spiritual serenity. Towering limestone cliffs adorned with lush greenery create a majestic backdrop for spiritual seekers and nature enthusiasts alike. As you ascend to its summit, breathtaking vistas unfold, revealing the profound beauty of the surrounding landscape. Amidst this natural splendor lies the revered Montserrat Abbey, a sacred sanctuary where pilgrims have sought solace for centuries. Whether you're drawn to its mystical allure or captivated by the rugged beauty of its surroundings, Montserrat is a place where the soul finds solace and the spirit soars.

Trip Itinerary

Montserrat Mountain stroll and visit to the Basilica
Visit to the Basilica of Santa Maria de Montserrat. Within the hallowed walls of Montserrat Basilica, pilgrims pay homage to the revered Black Madonna, a sacred icon shrouded in legend and devotion. Believed to possess miraculous powers, the Black Madonna has drawn faithful from far and wide for centuries, inspiring acts of reverence and spiritual renewal. We will also enjoy a short hiking tour with amaizng views and we will visit the market featuring local agricultural and traditional products.
The Throne of Our Lady (Optional visit)
The Throne of Our Lady a Romanesque sculpture dating from the late 12th century known as La Moreneta, the Black Madonna.
Singing of the Boys' choir (Optional visit)
Montserrat Boys’ Choir is one of the oldest in Europe that accompanies religious ceremonies and communal prayers in the basilica. They sing Monday to Friday: Salve Regina and Virolai at 13:00h
Museum Of Montserrat (Optional visit)
The Montserrat Museum (MDM) houses a significant art collection, boasting masterpieces by renowned artists such as Caravaggio, El Greco, Rusiñol, Casas, Picasso, Dali, Monet, and more. Additionally, it features a valuable collection showcasing the Archaeology of the Ancient World, presenting archaeological artifacts from regions like ancient Persia, Mesopotamia, Egypt, the Holy Land, and others. Alongside its permanent exhibits, the museum hosts rotating temporary exhibitions, ensuring a dynamic and engaging experience for visitors. Recognized for its cultural significance, the MDM attained the prestigious title of Museum of National Interest in 2006.

Private Tour Pricing

My Holy Mountain
Minimum 2 people, maximum 7 people.
  • 5 hours tour guided by a licensed guide.
  • The rate is per group, not per person.
  • Tickets for the Basilica are not included
  • Optional visits are not included.


Most frequent questions and answers

Barcelona generally boasts pleasant, sunny weather with occasional rain, mostly from March to May and October to November. Check the forecast before the tour and be ready to enjoy Barcelona, rain or shine

Absolutely! For younger participants, we might reduce the number of stops and include brief pauses for treats like ice cream. (Grown-ups are welcome to request these breaks too!)

Certainly, but kindly inform us in advance so we can tailor the experience to accommodate your requirements. We may need to adjust the duration of the walking portion accordingly.

Religious spots in Barcelona kindly request that female visitors cover their shoulders while inside the church and refrain from wearing shorts or miniskirts. Additionally, hats are not permitted inside. If you’re visiting during the summer, be sure to bring a scarf to cover your shoulders and opt for suitable attire, avoiding shorts for the day

Yes. If you’re keen on hiking in Montserrat, just give us a heads up! We’ve got various hiking choices tailored to suit your fitness level and the timing of your visit

Absolutely! If you’re interested in attending a ceremony, just inform us during the booking process. We’ll ensure to adjust the tour schedule accordingly to accommodate your preferences

Indeed, it’s possible, but do keep in mind that during peak seasons like spring and summer, as well as in the mornings, there may be other visitors present. In such instances, it’s advisable to arrange the tour for the afternoon

No, this tour is exclusively for you and your group! You’ll have the entire experience to yourselves, ensuring a personalized journey tailored to your preferences


Our guide was like, super knowledgeable and passionate, makin' the whole thing a blast. The views were like, whoa, mind-blowin', and hikin' them trails was like, pure magic. And checkin' out the basilica and seein' the Black Madonna? Dude, unforgettable! Our guide totally had our backs, takin' care of us and all. Seriously, if you're lookin' for an epic time, this tour's the way to go .
The journey was breathtaking, with stunning views, and exploring the trails around Montserrat was a highlight. Visiting the basilica and seeing the Black Madonna were unforgettable moments. Our guide ensured everyone felt included and catered to individual needs. Overall, it was a memorable and enriching experience that I highly recommend!"
Visitin' the basilica and seein' the Black Madonna? Unforgettable. Our guide took care of us real good. Y'all should give it a whirl!"
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