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Welcome to my website! My name is Anna Sanchez and I am a journalist, licenced tour guide, and corporate events organizer based in the beautiful city of Barcelona. With over 30 years of experience in the tourism industry, I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and love for this amazing city with others. As a tour guide expert, I offer personalized tours of Barcelona that are tailored to your interests and preferences. Whether you want to explore the city's history and culture, sample its delicious food and wine, or simply soak up its vibrant atmosphere, I can create a tour that's perfect for you or for your company. I can also help your company to design a Fam Trip or many other memorable experiences that your guests will never forget. So whether you're visiting Barcelona for the first time, you' are a seasoned traveler or your are organizing a corporate event, I invite you to discover the city's secrets and hidden gems with me. Contact me today to learn more about my services and how I can help you make the most of your time in this incredible city and its sorroundings!

Private Tours

Explore the wonders of Barcelona and its surroundings with a private tour guided and make sure that you have a truly unforgettable experience. Whether you want to discover the city's famous landmarks and attractions, explore its hidden corners and secret spots, or venture out into the stunning countryside and coastline that surrounds it, I can create a tour that's perfect for you. With my insider knowledge and local connections, I can take you off the beaten path to discover the real Barcelona - from its vibrant neighborhoods and bustling markets to its beautiful parks and beaches. And if you're interested in exploring the surrounding area, I can take you on a tour of the stunning Costa Brava, the picturesque medieval towns of Girona and Besalú, or the beautiful vineyards and wineries of the Penedès region. So why settle for a generic tour when you can experience the best of Barcelona and its surroundings? Contact me today and let's create a tour that's tailored just for you.


Looking for the perfect place to stay during your visit to Barcelona? Look no further than My Experience Barcelona. As a tour guide expert and event organizer, I offer a wide range of accommodation options to suit every taste and budget. Whether you're looking for a luxury hotel in the heart of the city, a cozy apartment in a trendy neighborhood, or a traditional guesthouse with plenty of local charm, I can help you find the perfect place to call home during your stay in Barcelona. All of the accommodations I offer are carefully selected for their quality, comfort, and location, ensuring that you have a memorable and enjoyable experience in this vibrant city. Plus, with my insider knowledge and local connections, I can often secure special deals and discounts for my clients, making your stay even more affordable and enjoyable. So why wait? Contact me today and let me help you find the perfect place to stay during your visit!

Corporate events

My Experience Barcelona is your gateway to extraordinary experiences in the heart of this vibrant city. Imagine a meticulously crafted trip where every detail reflects the essence of your company's vision. Our experienced team of venue specialists is dedicated to understanding your unique needs and preferences. Let us be your guide through the vibrant streets of Barcelona, unlocking the city's treasures for your team. Our commitment to excellence, paired with local expertise, guarantees a bespoke itinerary tailored to your unique needs. Embark on a journey where business meets Barcelona's rich culture and dynamic energy. Trust us to design the perfect corporate escapade, allowing you to focus on what matters most – fostering connections, driving innovation, and creating lasting memories. Contact us today, and let's turn your corporate event into an unforgettable affair in the enchanting city of Barcelona. Your success story starts here.

Contact me today and let's create a tour that's tailored just for you.
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