A Fascinating Journey Through the Modernism

Immerse yourself in the groundbreaking architecture that has left its mark on the world, and embark on a captivating journey through the heart of artistic revolution. My Modernist Town tour offers an extraordinary opportunity to witness the groundbreaking vision of legendary architects such as Antoni Gaudí, Lluís Domènech i Montaner, and Josep Puig i Cadafalch. Don't miss the chance to witness the avant-garde wonders that have left an indelible mark on the world. During the tour, we will visit some of the most impressive monuments and landmarks such us:

Trip Itinerary

Sagrada Familia Basilica
A skip-the-line guided visit into Sagrada Familia Basilica, Gaudí’s architectural masterpiece that defies imagination.
Passeig de Gràcia Boulevard
We will discover the “Apple of the discord” also called “The golden block” with the most famous collection of modernist buildings sharing the same facade in Barcelona:
– Casa Batlló, The house of Inspiration. A work of Gaudí. Visit from the outside.
– Casa Amatller designed by Puig I Cadafalch. Visit from the outside.
– Casa Mulleras designed by Enric Sagnier. Visit from the outside.
– Casa Josefina Bonet designed by Marcel-li Coquillat. Visit from the outside.
– Casa Lleó Morera a work fo Domènech i Montaner. Visit. from the outside
La Pedrera / Casa Milà
A skip-the-line guided visit to Gaudi’s iconic house featuring its undulating stone facade and innovative, organic architectural forms.
Casa Ametller
A skip-the-line guided visit to the house crafted by the visionary architect Josep Puig i Cadafalch in 1900, Casa Amatller stands as an exemplary showcase of Catalan modernism. Maintained in its authentic state, complete with period furniture and decorations, a tour inside the house offers a captivating voyage through the pages of history

Private Tour Pricing


My Modernist Town
Minimum 2 people, maximum 20 people.
  • 4 hours tour guided by licensed guide
  • The rate is per group, not per person
  • Monument tickets and taxi rides are not included
Most frequent questions and answers

Barcelona generally boasts pleasant, sunny weather with occasional rain, mostly from March to May and October to November. Check the forecast before the tour and be ready to enjoy Barcelona, rain or shine

Absolutely! For younger participants, we might reduce the number of stops and include brief pauses for treats like ice cream. (Grown-ups are welcome to request these breaks too!)

Certainly, but kindly inform us in advance so we can tailor the experience to accommodate your requirements. We may need to adjust the duration of the walking portion accordingly

Religious spots, like Sagrada Familia Basilica in Barcelona, kindly request that female visitors cover their shoulders while inside the church and refrain from wearing shorts or miniskirts. Additionally, hats are not permitted inside. If you’re visiting during the summer, be sure to bring a scarf to cover your shoulders and opt for suitable attire, avoiding shorts for the day

No, this tour is exclusively for you and your group! You’ll have the entire experience to yourselves, ensuring a personalized journey tailored to your preferences


Hands down, this tour exploring Barcelona's modernist gems is an absolute must! Our guide was top-notch, eh? They took us on a fantastic journey through the city's architectural wonders, giving us the lowdown on all things modernist. From Gaudi's masterpieces to hidden gems, it was a beauty of an experience. Highly recommend it, don't ya know! Cheers to the tour crew, eh? A+!
June 2023
Well, let me tell ya 'bout this here tour discoverin' them modernist works in Barcelona – it's downright awesome! Our guide was a real hoot, takin' us 'round them incredible buildings and spillin' the beans on all that modernist magic. From Gaudi's mind-blowin' creations to other jaw-droppin' spots, it was a real treat. I reckon y'all should jump on board this tour, 'cause it's a real Texas-style good time! Y'all won't wanna miss it, I guarantee!
March 2023
Hey folks, gotta spill the beans on this mind-blowing modernist tour in Barcelona! Our guide, a real wind city expert, took us on a journey through architectural wonders that'll make your jaw drop. From Gaudi's genius to hidden gems, If you're lookin' for an adventure, this tour's the real deal. Thumbs up. Thanks Anna!!
June 2023
Had a fantastic time on the modernist tour in Barcelona! Our guide was incredibly knowledgeable and showed us some amazing architectural wonders, It's a must-do if you're into art and history. Highly recommend this tour for a great experience!
July 2023
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